What Beginning Experience Is

Beginning Experience is an international support program for divorced, separated and widowed individuals. Our primary intent is to promote healing by facilitating the resolution of grief associated with the end of a marriage or relationship.  The Vision of Beginning Experience is to help these individuals work through their grief and, after healing and transformation, be free to love again.


Beginning Experience has many support functions, with the (B.E.) Beginning Experience Weekend being the foundation of the program. Participants spend the entire Weekend in a safe and caring environment. The B.E. Weekend has proven to help individuals make a new beginning in life. The experience provides support and direction and offers participants an opportunity to re-evaluate their lives and to move on to the future with renewed hope.  B.E. Weekends are facilitated by former participants who, after gaining valuable experience from overcoming their own grief, have chosen to give back so that others can benefit.  We encourage you to read the testimonials of some past Weekend participants to find out how a B.E. Weekend helped them overcome the pain of their loss and move on to experience life anew.

What Beginning Experience is Not

We are NOT a professional service; we do Not offer any formal or informal psychological, financial, legal, or personal advice or counseling.  Beginning Experience is NOT a dating service, NOR  is it an organization  for meeting other singles with the idea of dating or starting a romantic relationship.  We are a peer ministry and offer our support, based on our own experience with grief, to those who are feeling the effects of grieving and wish guidance in working through them.

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