What Our Members Have To Say About Beginning Experience

“Beginning Experience for me was a healing and hopeful experience. I felt loved and accepted and understood. It changed my life. …….. Delbert, Thamesville ON
“Beginning Experience was the best thing I ever did for myself. I got rid of a lot of garbage. I learned unconditional love. There were so many beautiful moments amidst the pain. I’ll never forget it.” ……..Heather, Mitchell ON
“Beginning Experience has introduced me to many new friends giving me the opportunity to grow, give and receive.” ………. Sandy, Port Huron MI
“I was very skeptical and nervous coming to my weekend. I found the courage to deal with all the negative feelings I was experiencing.” ……… Gary, Sarnia ON
“Beginning Experience brought stability to my life after the death of my husband of thirty-four years. After my weekend, I felt peace that had been absent from my life since my husband’s death. I thank God for Beginning Experience.”….. Helen, Chatham ON
Beginning Experience made the difference no one else seemed to be able to do. It brought me out of four walls with a locked door. I didn’t care about myself until the B.E. program showed me that I am a worthwhile person.” ……….. Jim, Petrolia ON
“Beginning Experience gave me the courage to search for and begin a new life. It gave me the tools and opportunity in order to grow and find myself. My weekend allowed me to let God into my life.” ……… Maureen, Sarnia ON
“Beginning Experience was a life changing experience for me. I came out of a thirty year marriage and made new friends, and it gave me the self confidence to continue on.” ………Derek, London ON
“Beginning Experience gave me back my life. It was a turning point to a never-ending journey of self exploration.” …….. Michaelanne, Sarnia ON
“Beginning Experience has opened my heart and mind to recognize and accept my feelings. It has helped me find a place to belong.” ………. Joan, Wallaceburg ON
“My spiritual void was filled from the love and fellowship of Beginning Experience.  It literally was the missing key to my life.” …….. Rick, Oil Springs

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All testimonials have been used with the permission of the contributors.

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