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The Beginning Experience (BE) Weekend is the foundation of the program. Participants spend the entire Weekend in a safe, caring, retreat-like atmosphere. The BE Weekend has proven to help individuals make a new beginning in life. The experience provides support and direction and offers participants an opportunity to re-evaluate their lives and to move on to the future with renewed hope.  It is strongly recommended you participate in the “Coping With Life Alone” program prior to attending a Weekend.  If you do attend the weekend without taking this program, we strongly recommend you take “Continued Beginnings” as a follow-up to the Weekend.  ‘Coping’ programs and the retreat Weekends are only conducted at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Sarnia.


Coping with Life Alone, a Weekly Meeting:


Beginning Experience Weekends in 2017 at – St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Sarnia


Call  Faye @ (519)-337-1205

Coping with Life Alone -starting September 18, 2017

BE Retreat Weekend-Nov 3,4,5   2017

For any of the above programs, Please contact us to let us know of your interest so we can make appropriate plans.  Alternately, please visit the “Registration” page and fill out the form. 

Thank You:

In Sarnia/Lambton County:  Faye @ 519-337-1205

Divorce Group

Below is a listing of other programs and a short description:

Support Group: Coping With Life Alone” if you have not done a Weekend, or “Continued Beginnings” (if you have done a Weekend) build basic support systems for the individual and offers a safe place to express feelings. Participants will meet once per week for six weeks.


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