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The Beginning Experience (BE) Weekend is the foundation of the program. Participants spend the entire weekend in a safe, caring, retreat-like atmosphere. The BE Weekend has proven to help individuals make a new beginning in life. The experience provides support and direction and offers participants an opportunity to re-evaluate their lives and to move on to the future with renewed hope.  It is strongly recommended you participate in a set of “Coping With Life Alone” classes prior to attending a weekend.  If you do attend the weekend without taking these classes, we strongly recommend you take “Continued Beginnings” as a follow-up to the weekend.  ‘Coping’ classes are offered in several locations, but the retreat weekends are only conducted at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Sarnia. If insufficient participants register for ‘Coping’ at one particular location, the classes will not be conducted there, and the registrant will be asked if they wish to attend them at another location.


Coping with Life Alone, First Level, 6 Weekly Meetings:


Sarnia – Mar 20th- Apr 24th 2017 (Monday nights)      Call  Renate @ 519-331-8859, or register through the website (Registration Page)


Beginning Experience Weekends in 2017 at – St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Sarnia (Call  Renate @ 519-331-8859)

Apr 28,29,30  2017  and  Nov 3,4,5   2017

For any of the above levels, Please contact us to let us know of your interest so we can make appropriate plans.  Alternately, please visit the “Registration” page and fill out the form.  Thank You:

In Sarnia/Lambton County:  Renate @ 519-331-8859

In Thamesville/Chatham: Bonnie 519-397-1959

All Others:  Renate @ 519-331-8859

Divorce Group

Below is a listing of other programs and a short description:

Support Group (Level l) – (“Coping With Life Alone” if you have not done a weekend, or “Continued Beginnings” if you have done a weekend): Builds a basic support system for the individual and offers a safe place to express feelings. Participants will meet once per week for six weeks.

Support Group (Level 2) –  This Program addresses the former relationship and the individual part in that relationship. This program uses the book When Your Relationship Ends by Dr. Bruce Fisher as a guide for leading discussions about the topics covered in this program.

Support Group (Level 3) The Happiness Project.  This set of 6 classes explores ways how an individual can be responsible for his or her own happiness.  You must have attended a BE Weekend to participate.

Beginning Experience International conducts a bi-annual conference where representatives from most of the chapters in the world meet for a weekend and have a great time.

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