Retreat Weekends

The Beginning Experience (BE) Weekend is the foundation of our program. We conduct two weekends per year; participants spend the entire weekend in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment.   Our Testimonials page shows how the retreat weekend has helped people like you make a new beginning in life.

These Weekends are usually held in the Spring and Fall of each year.  You would be required to only bring some personal effects necessary for sleeping over for two nights.  The cost is $150.  If you do not have that amount at your disposal, alternate resources may be available to you.  The next Weekend for 2017 are being held: Nov 3-5 2017

For more information, please call Faye (519) 337-1205


If you would like to do the Coping program and/or a Retreat Weekend, then visit the “Register for a Weekend” page ==>  Click Here


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